Life of One Ruby-Throated Hummingbird

This poem is based on facts gleaned from various bird books. It concerns a hummingbird, but–as you will see–it speaks about the devotion of all mothers toward their little “chicks.” Life of One Ruby-Throated Hummingbird —   by Ellie Shumaker       At first life is ...Read More

Playing “Courtroom”

Kiara was going to court to testify against her mother’s boyfriend who had verbally and sexually abused her. She was worried sick about the whole thing, so we were playing “courtroom” here in the playroom. I was the judge. Kiara was the witness. And ...Read More

The six-year-old in my playroom wanted to play school. What a teacher she turned out to be!    First she pulled out the all the dolls she could find, about ten of them, and sat them up on a table facing the white board. ...Read More

Hungry Worms

Four-year-old Olive and I played with the stuffed animals for a while, putting them in a zoo we made out of wooden blocks. But her heart wasn’t fully in it. She kept saying that she was hungry and that her stomach hurt.  I got ...Read More