Hungry Worms

Four-year-old Olive and I played with the stuffed animals for a while, putting them in a zoo we made out of wooden blocks. But her heart wasn’t fully in it. She kept saying that she was hungry and that her stomach hurt.  I got ...Read More

Letting Kids Win

In the playroom, Frankie switched games! As with so many other events and changes in the playroom, I didn’t really know what accounted for the switch. All I could do was go with the flow of the healing stream within him, and keep paddling. ...Read More

“I Don’t Want To Cry”

Kiara had been molested by her Mom’s boyfriend, Preston. In a session previous to this one, a big stuffed monkey had been assigned the role of representing Preston, her abuser, and had ended up locked in the bottom drawer of my file cabinet. Kiara’s ...Read More

If This Mom Scares Me…

In my first few times in the playroom with him, six-year-Kenneth was really uptight. He was almost tiptoeing around from place to place as if he didn’t want to make any noise. He was handling the toys so tentatively that it looked like he ...Read More

Murdered By Words

In our next session, Gemma leapt right into the heart of the matter. “This thing about me calling him a jackass—I’m seeing this more and more clearly every day—it’s no good.”  She continued. “And I think his sister Tina has learned how to work ...Read More